Charter World: “Discover magical Belize while on your next charter vacation”

Beautiful tranquil mornings with a fresh cup of coffee on deck of your luxury charter yacht, with cool trade winds gently whispering though the palm trees. Watching warm sun sparkling off the blue Caribbean sea and see surf lazily washing up on the white sand. Or perhaps laying on a beach and seeing a rider on a horseback galloping by? If in a good mood, you may go for a short run on the beach, or on a kayak journey to a beautiful cay or just a quick swim before starting the day. This is Belize …

La Placencia – Belize

Besides watching the sun rise and enjoying a low-key, laid-back lifestyle, what else can you do while in Belize?

Because this little country, located just south of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula ranges from the Maya Mountains in the west to the Caribbean on the east.

Or as they say at The Placencia – Experience Belize from the Rainforest to the Reef.

Belize’s greatest resource is nature.  It is a world class destination for the adventurer and naturalist.  You can visit one of the national parks.  In fact, over 46 percent of Belize is dedicated to National Parks and Marine Reserves, including United Nations World Heritage sites.

With over 240 miles of Caribbean coastline there is no end of possibilities for the water sports enthusiast.

Caribbean – Belize – La Placencia

Belize has the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere.  The diving and snorkelling are consistently rated among the very best in the world.

For the sportsman, the many islands and atolls around the reef also give this area some of the best sailing, yachting and fishing in the Caribbean.  The waters here teem with barracuda, bonito, bonefish, grouper, jacks, permit, pompano, sharks, snapper, snook, tarpon, triggerfish, tuna, and billfish such as marlin and sailfish.

The saltwater fly-fishing in Belize is second to none world-wide.

Of course, as in many seaside resorts, the larger hotels and local companies offer windsurfing, jet-skiing, and parasailing.

Not into watersports? Not a problem: the interior of Belize has become a top eco-tourism destination.

There are vast areas of untouched rainforest and savannahs which are home to over 500 species of birds, 800 kinds of butterflies, and 300 types of orchids.  There are jungle hikes, bird-watching, canoeing, camping, mountain biking, and horseback riding.  You can even visit the world’s onlyjaguar preserve.

Belize – Rendezvous Islands – La Placencia Resort

More of an adrenaline junkie? Try soaring through the jungle canopy on a zip line up to 80 feet above the ground and get a bird’s eye view of the rainforest below.

After that you may need to cool off a bit by spelunking in one of the many limestone caves or even cave tubing.  If you’re unfamiliar with cave tubing, it’s where you use an inner tube to gently float along on the cool water of a river as it meanders through caves and past underground waterfalls and glittering rock formations.

Archeology more your thing? Belize has more than 900 Mayan ruins scattered throughout the country.  The Mayan pyramids and temples are as spectacular as those in Egypt.

If you’d prefer less strenuous, more urban setting, the cities and larger town of Belize attract a growing number of Americans and other expats who enjoy beautiful neighbourhoods, historic colonial manors, and cultural activities.

Belize City offers visitors a window into the country’s past.  Tributes to British occupation include St. John’s Anglican Cathedral, built by slaves in 1812, and Government House, which is now home to a museum that chronicles the country’s history as part of the British Empire.

Then there are the many elegant restaurants and vibrant nightlife that rivals anything you’d fine in the US or Europe.

Ancient civilisations and archeological site – Belize

How about a round of golf? The Placencia is building the first PGA-quality golf course in Belize called The Panther. Take advantage of Belize’s tropical climate and play all year round.

But one of the best things to do is… nothing.  Just simply relaxing in a lounge chair or hammock on the beach or aboard your luxury superyacht, watching pelicans glide along just inches above the waves, or perhaps watching for manatee in the bay.

Panther Golf Club – Placencia

Belize is a small and peaceful nation of great natural beauty, a year-around tropical climate, where you can find nearly every activity imaginable.

It’s truly a place where luxury charter vacationers with their families can create a lifetime of memories!

Placencia Marina, Belize’s first superyacht marina has been completed:

Placencia Marina is the largest fully permitted, government endorsed, full-service marina in Belize.

With opening scheduled for 2013, the Placencia Marina will be the first superyacht marina in a popular yacht charter destination –Belize, situated in the Caribbean and Central American area. It will provide up to 293 amazing slips, including 25 for superyachts. Among its flawless piers, a collection of public as well as private slips will accommodate everything from 30 ft. sport fishing boats and sailboats to 300 ft. international yachts and schooners.

New Belize Superyacht Marina